Our youth docent program equips students with a first-hand knowledge about art and the tools to learn to appreciate art, and improve communication and research skills. At its best we are being able to train students and they are able to bring to the table cultural richness and the youthful perspective that is important to the growth and ultimate sustainability of the museum. 


We have utilized middle and high school aged students to act as docents for every exhibit we have hosted. We have developed a program to assist with this exhibit and expand our youth’s knowledge of fine art, museum operations and most recently we are forging collaborations with educational entities interested in STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). A study by the National Endowment for the Arts shows that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds who actively participated in the arts tended to score better in science and writing, and were more likely to aspire to college.


The initial training is four, 3-hour classes designed to train the participants in the following areas:

  • An overview of SDAAMFA and techniques to enhance their research skills.

  • An overview of why art is important in our lives and the significance of art by and about African Americans and decedents of the African Diaspora (Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean).

  • A working knowledge of the art and artist who are part of the current exhibit.

  • Enhanced public engagement, public speaking, and customer service skills.